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The Whole Fuckin' Kel

Have you heard of the Briscoe Brothers?

7 May 1973
aaron perrino, al franken, andy kaufman, aqua teen hunger force, arcwelder, arrested development, baseball, battlestar galactica, beatallica, beavis and butthead, beer, bill veeck, blues brothers, bob and doug mckenzie, brian posehn, carter usm, chicago, chicago white sox, comedians of comedy, comedy, curb your enthusiasm, d.l. hughley, dave attel, david cross, dear leader, dinosaur jr, drew carey, drinking, eastern european history, ecw, family guy, freaks and geeks, futurama, george lopez, german, greg the bunny, guns n roses, harry turtledove, history, hockey, j. mascis, johnny cash, joy division, judd apatow, kalaallit nunaat, kansas city athletics, kevin smith, kiddo, larry david, lewis black, live music, local h, major league baseball, manchester united, manic street preachers, michael collins, michael moore, mick foley, mike felumlee, mike judge, milk and cheese, minor league baseball, monk, mother love bone, mr. show, mst3k, muhammad ali, mystery science theater 3000, new jack, newfoundland, newfoundland and labrador, nhl, northern league, not rebecca, oasis, ookla the mok, patton oswalt, paul feig, philadelphia athletics, ralphie may, red dwarf, rob van dam, robot chicken, ronnie dobbs, run ronnie run, run-dmc, smoking popes, soccer, st. louis browns, strange brew, taoism, textbook, the big fella, the blues brothers, the dollar canon, the drew carey show, the get up kids, the missing planes, the rentals, the sheila divine, the simpsons, the smoking popes, the three stooges, the whole f'n show, the young ones, therapy?, tom daily, tony clifton, traveling, undeclared, venom lords, wales, washington senators, weird al, weird al yankovic, welsh, wesley willis, what's happening, white sox, wolf colonel, zach galifianakis, zombie movies, zombies